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How to unlock mobily 4G LTE router Model QDC


Untuk Bapak/Ibu sekalian, mohon maaf, karena tulisan ini akan saya tulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Biar banyak manfaatnya.


I intentionally write this post in English, so that more people will gain benefit. This is how to unlock mobily 4G LTE router model QDC. I consider this to be part of living in Saudi Arabia :)

Actually I copied the steps in this blog. I found the file that i downloaded was saved in secured place, without "strange" pop up windows. You can download the files required in this link. I will not mention the steps in detail, but i would just mention trick for smoother unlock.

  1. Downgrade the firmware in step-wisely. The unlock is available for version 1.02.32. If your firmware happened to be in the version higher than 1.02.33, i.e 1.02.41 then downgrade it to 1.02.33 (mr7015al-zz_r0b_FW_1.02.33(20120618)), then to 1.02.32  by using (mr7015al-zz_r0b_FWN_1.02.32(20120330) .  
  2. Once your firmware in 1.02.32, then flash the LTE module.
  3. There are some reports that their router keep updating automatically to 1.02.41. I think they forgot to change the auto firmware info url to (actually it is there, written in tagalog..:)).
  4. Setup the APN, then you should be able to connect.
------- update 29 Feb 2016

After unlocking the router, my router keeps disconnected when idle. To connect it, i had to restart the router. It drove me crazy..!!! 

After a month dwelling around internet, and hundred times of testing, i finally solve it. Alhamdulillah.. 

Mine was solved by upgrading the LTE module to the latest version. So, basically you don't have to flash the LTE module when unlocking :)..

If you already flashed the LTE module when unlocking, and changed the url to you just need to change it back to the default url before unlocking (see above picture for default url), then trigger LTE module update.

You can also update the firmware to 1.02.33, but you can't update to the latest firmware, because it's going to lock your router back to mobily. 

Don't forget to switch the url back to, if you don't want the router to update the firmware automatically and lock you back to mobily.