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How to apply UAE Visa online for GCC Resident


I've just applied for UAE Visa, and it took awhile for me to figure it out how exactly to fill in all the form online. All info that i found on internet, do not tell how exactly to fill the form, and all of them based on the old form.

Actually, you can chat online directly to one of UAE Ministry of Interior agent 24/7 in this page, if you need something to clarify. I got my visa within 24 hour and for my family within 48 hour. The bottom line is, you need to apply for your visa first. Once your visa approved, then you can apply for your family by attaching your approved visa, and create individual application for every single one of them.

This is how you should fill the form;
  1. Create account on this web 
  2. Once your account created, click GCC Resident to create new application form.
  3. For your visa application, choose "Establishment" as  "Sponsor Type in GCC Country". Type in your company as your sponsor. 
  4. Above questions, are the one that actually confused me. The rest of the questions in this first page are straight forward.
  5. If you've finished fill all info on the first page, click NEXT to continue.
  6. In the second page, you will be asked your address in UAE. In my case, i put my hotel. Btw, the email that you put in this page will be used to receive the approved visa. 
  7. Finished with second page, continue to the next page where you will be asked to attach document. You need to attach the Photo, letter from your company stating that you are the employee, passport and iqama. You need to reduce the size of your scanned document. I used software "paint" in windows to reduce the size of the document, and save it as JPEG. It has to be less than 100kB.
  8. Once all document attached, continue to next page to pay.

To apply for your family;

  1. Login to your account that you created.
  2. If you have five family member, then you need to create and repeat all of this processes for every single one of them.
  3. Click GCC Resident to create new application
  4. Under "Sponsor Type in GCC Country" choose "GCC Resident". and fill your info in it, because you are the sponsor of your family.
  5. The rest of the process are the same as yours.
  6. On the attach page, attach the photo, your approved visa, your pasport, their iqama, and their passport.
Good luck.