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Expression.Error: The column 'xxxxxxxx' of the table wasn't found

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I'm on fire. Two posts in one day. :)

I'm not a Power Bi expert, that's why i don't want you to be like me, got lost for hours because of the error when trying to edit my query, I got the error message "Expression.Error: The column 'bla..bla..bla' of the table wasn't found" . This might be because you have renamed the header of your table, and because of that, power bi does not recognize it. Well, that was in my case :). Even after changing back the table header to the old name, still Power Bi did not like it. How to solve ?

Well, not exactly a great savvy high level programming way :).. In my case, i just wanted to redo..

  1. Rename the file source's table header the way you wanted it. So that you don't need to rename it on Power Bi.
  2. Make a new Power Bi file by using the source of the file that you have changed. (you just wanted to get the correct format of script)
  3. Open Data -> Edit Queries -> Advanced Editor
  4. Copy all line on  #"Changed Type"
  5. Open the Error Power Bi file, on Advanced Editor, replace the #"Changed Type" line with the one that you have copied.
  6. Replace "Renamed Columns" under "in" with "Changed Type" 
That makes it back to original one... Don't make anymore error :)